Ayurveda and the Kitchen: A Practical Introduction

Come and enjoy the juice, the essence, of my twenty-five years of Ayurvedic Cooking Classes around the world.

Introductory offer: US$29.50

I will inspire you to go beyond recipes, to understand how to use spices, to change your relationship to food and to cooking. This is not just a cooking class but a deep introduction to the wisdom of health embodied around the world in every culture.

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences. Here is an invaluable tip from Yoga to experience more meaning in your day. And to do before beginning cooking or any activity. And it takes just a minute.

In this first series of seven classes (each around 12-15 minutes) and a few short extra talks, you will learn the basic universal principles of health. In each lesson, we shall learn a style or way of cooking to bring balance to either how you are feeling or to the time of day or  to the season.

You will learn  the essence of Ayurveda but without any use of technical terms or Sanskrit. And not just in theory but in practice, and in the kitchen.

I demonstrate simple ways to nourish yourself and family with meals that take no longer than 15-20 minutes to prepare and serve. They are quick and tasty, and most importantly easily digestible. That means we get the nourishment from the food.

Nourishment is more than nutrient. Intake does not equal uptake!

You will learn a way or approach to cooking, a template if you like, that can be adapted to ‘what is in the fridge’, or in season.

I prepare and serve seven specific recipes, with a printable handout of each one, in real time (mostly) while also giving you the understanding of why we do things that way. And how to adapt the idea so you can go beyond the recipe, and create your own unique meals every time you go to the stove.

Now come into the kitchen with me, and glimpse what we offer in these seminars.

Modern Life is so demanding and complex and the simplicity of this dish neutralises the negative effects of the day.

The Panacea to Modern Life – a gift of simplicity

This is a one-pot meal, with simple ingredients and a taste and feel that surprises everyone. Fresh vegetables and good salt are all that is needed. Please enjoy this, the first episode of the series, free as my guest.

And don’t just watch it. Cook it and experience it.

I hope you see now that Ayurveda is an approach to living, and cooking that is not just Indian cooking. It is the wisdom of grandmothers of  all the world, yet collected and retained in the ancient traditions of India.

If any of this has been useful I am very happy. Take a breath regularly thru the day, and cook the Panacea when life seems too complex.

Now I invite you to join me for the rest of the series.

Introductory offer: US$29.50

In the extra six lessons after the ‘Panacea’, we will discover ’The One and Only Dish’, a template of Ayurvedic Cooking.

Spice Up Your Life:

  • Know what and how to cook if you are feeling agitated or spaced out.
  • Learn what to feed the ‘relentless ambition’ when it burns too brightly.
  • When feeling ’stuck in the mud’, go to the kitchen (not the chocolate bar).
  • Perhaps your ‘healthy’ breakfast is not what it seems.
  • Discover a freshly home cooked lunch at work, that take only 5-7 minutes to prepare.
  • And learn the master key to health how to eat after the warmth of the sun has set.  And the recipe and trick to The Best Pumpkin Soup in the World (this is undisputed in 25 years)!!!

With the Wisdom of Ayurveda that comes with the presentation of these six dishes, you will be able to slowly and conclusively change the direction of your health, like adjusting the rudder of a boat ever so slightly after some time your direction and outcome is transformed.

We offer this to you in seven (7) lessons (plus small bonus talks) along with the seven recipes demonstrated as a printable pdf.

I think it is worth the price of a meal in your favourite restaurant for each recipe. I show you a meal you can cook at home for a lifetime, in all its endless variations that you will discover. That’s a good deal, isn’t it?

But I offer it to you for the price of a coffee for each lesson.

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Your contribution acknowledges the effort of the three men, Jakub Jahn (director), Jan Dolezal (photographer and editor) and  myself, that made this possible and with it the hope to make a followup series to deepen the understanding and learn more cooking miracles from Yoga of the Kitchen.

A percentage of income will be donated to support Food for Life Vrindavan, a charity school in India supporting education of girls, to break the cycle of child marriage and poverty. I encourage you to look also at donating to this wonderful  and good work.