The Panacea to Modern Life

Modern Life is demanding and complex. To counter that we sometimes need a meal, some nourishment, that is easy and simple. This dish is surprisingly satisfying, uses one pot and takes only 15 minutes. Its tastes are simple and yet wholesome, deep and surprisingly satisfying.

It is truly a blessing.

Watch Tim cooking

This video is part of special Ayurveda and the Kitchen seminar. The seminar is not just a cooking class but a deep introduction to the wisdom of health embodied around the world in every culture. Join me and watch all video lectures.
  • step 1

    First, wipe the bottom of a small pot with a little butter, ghee or oil (to prevent sticking).

    (try to use organic vegetables)

    Then layer the vegetables starting with the longer cooking ones eg thin slices of potato. Then carrot slices, then perhaps green beans.  Follow with sweet corn kernels, shredded cabbage and some spinach on top (any variation of colourful vegetables is good).

    Sprinkle the Good Salt over the top.

    Half fill the pot with water, and add a few ‘pats’ of butter on the top (optional).

    Bring to boil, then lower the heat to gentle and put the lid on. Cook for about 10 minutes until the potato on the bottom is just soft and the rest lightly cooked. And the pot will be nearly filled with liquid.


  • step 2

    While it cooks, dry roast the pumpkin seeds until they ‘pop’ and toast (brown) a little.

    What we have now are lightly steamed and boiled vegetables in a briny (salty) broth.

    Serve into a deep bowl with the broth and sprinkle with the seeds and some chopped chives (any or green leaves if available).

    Sit quietly, take an deep breath and let is out with a sigh (long exhale). And enjoy the simple elegance of ‘The Panecea to Modern Life’.