Signature Seminars and Talks

Signature Seminars and Talks

These are Seminars I have presented around the world at Yoga and Wellness Centers,  business places and privately. Please contact me if they are of interest to you.

A Weekend of Ayurveda in the Kitchen.
Three sessions: Friday night (3 hrs), Saturday (4 hrs), Sunday (4 hrs).

Over  this weekend we explore all the principles of Ayurveda by applying them at the stove and at the table.

We learn to make Ghee, home make cheese (paneer) while gaining intimacy with spices and how to use them. Most dishes take no longer than 20-40 minutes to make.

Here is a glimpse of a day with Tim, as he shows the wonders and joys of Ayurveda as its timeless knowledge dances in the kitchen…


Introduction to the Wisdom of Ayurveda: Agni, The Mystic Fire.
3 hours

Digesting our food, Digesting our experiences.
When a fire burns well it gives warmth, radiance and energy and leaves little remains, (ashes) that are easily swept out (released). So it is with our digestion (of both food and experiences). Practical ways to adjust what we already eat, and suggestions to improve our diet, and the world.


Celebrating Nature’s Rhythms and Our Own Individuality.
3 hours
Keeping instep with Nature’s flow and changes and dancing our own tune. Why we are the way we are. Ayurveda’s five element and three dosha theory that makes sense of the seeming chaos of the world. The long lasting effect of stress and the only thing that neutralises the damage. Lifestyle adaptions to move towards harmony.

Living Life to the Fullest.
3 hours

Discover the real reason we are alive, the purpose of all life. And how we fulfill it, effortlessly.
What ill health is trying to teach us, and what to do about it – correcting our Interpretation of Events (Pragyaparad), re writing our storyline.
Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – The most subtle flow of the Universe. Understanding the keys to happiness and contentment.