chilli flakes

Chilli flakes – it is a surprise to most Indians to learn that chilli was brought to India by the Europeans in the 1500’s. I have won many a breakfast bet in India with this.  And of course it came from the New World of the America’s.

It is hot and drying, and good for burning Ama but it too hot for pitta and too stimulating for vata. In both states it should be used with care. It is great to ‘give kapha a kick up the butt’!  I mainly use it chutneys so the eater can gauge for themselves most much it good for them. It aids in the digestion of fats and cleans the colon. As Cayenne it helps antidote the effects of raw foods.

It stimulates the release of a natural narcotic (to dull the pain of the tongue and perhaps of Life) and so we can feel great after a good ‘hot’ curry. It is addictive however like all narcotics and we need higher and higher doses. It is used to extreme and with ill effects through-out Asia. Perhaps traditionally mixing it with chocolate, as in the mexican dish, Mole, balances it. It is worth the research!!!

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