curry leaves, fresh

Curry leaves – these leaves from South India and SriLanka do not taste like curry but earn thier name in their use especially in South India. When dried they lost all their flavour but fresh they add a citrus layer to dishes. Best fried in the ghee or oil and the beginning of cooking (1st stage of the One and Only dish) with the spices but be careful as their water content makes them splutter… They are wonderful in dhal!

Their benefits are many, and especially useful with IBS.It protects the liver, enhances saliva flow and therefore digestion, and is known to greatly assit in the absorption of iron (folic acid). Helps maintain blood sugar levels,  guards the heart, and can help recover from chemo-therapy. They reduce pitta and balance all doshas.  I predict that they will have their time soon as the ‘new’ superfood!!!

In a warm climate protected from frost, they are  quite easy to grow.

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