mustard seeds, brown

Mustard seeds, brown (stronger more pungent than yellow) – stimulating, warming, increases agni and decreases aama,  kills worms.

The humble seed of the Faithful features in several of the major religions: “… as small as a mustard sees can move mountains”- Jesus Christ. ” eternity……. the time it would take to move a pile of mustard seed if moving one every 100 years” – Buddha. ” “Even the equivalent of a mustard seed is accountable on Judgement Day” – Koran. All quotes acknowledging its small size yet big effect.

It is a member of the crucifer family along with broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and others. And like those  vegetables has show strong anti-cancer effect in the lab’. Also in supporting a healthy heart, prostrate and even in prediabetes.

They have a natural affinity with its sisters like cauliflower and cabbage etc. And of course the great variety of prepared mustard traditions come form this small pungent seed.


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