raw sugar

Raw sugar – this is not really ‘raw’ sugar (jaggery, rapadura and sacanet are more truely raw or un-refined). It is the better sugar to use in recipes than ‘white death’ (refined white sugar) where the flavour of all those wonderful nutrients and minerals will overpower the dish.

Sweetness pacified vata and pitta but can aggravate kapha.

White sugar (white death) is considered to be artificial, toxic and Ama forming. “It aggravates the blood, feeds infections, leeches minerals and vitamin from the body and deranges the water metabolism.  It perturbs sugar and fat metabolism and weakens the liver and panceas. It weakens the immune system and make us susceptible to many diseases. It is additive….. It aggravated all doshas and compliments all diseases”- Atreya Smith. Ayurvedic Nutrition. Remove it completely from any diet especially if ANY imbalance or disease is present.

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