saffron (threads)

Saffron (crocus sativa)- the most expensive  and most noble spice. Cultivated from at least 2300BC its origins are lost but most likely it was Greece (who again are now producing some very high quality in commercial amounts. And a new producer is Tasmania Australia). It was scattered on the floor in ancient theaters of Rome and Greece to freshen the air. Alexander the Great found it cultivated in Kashmir in 326 BC. It is the stamen (3) of the crocus flower. It takes 200,000 flowers to produce 1 kilo of saffron. it must be picked by hand (even now) very early in the morning before the sun is too hot.

It increases Sattva (wholeness) and is a Rasayana(tonic).  Very useful for PMS, all womens imbalances,  a mood lifter, depression dispeller, and increases fertility. It is good for circulation, build the blood and strengthen the heart.



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