Cauliflower and Coconut

Several hours before dinner, take  250 ml plain yoghurt and 1 tsp black pepper, freshly ground or crushed and whisk together. (optional: add 1 tsp besan flour or cornflour to thicken the sauce when cooking, if available).

Then add ½ cauliflower, cut into small flower-ettes, and fold through.

Allow to marinate for up to two hours.

  • step 1

    Heat ghee. Add seeds, and cover until they finish ‘popping’.

  • step 2

    Add  both and fry gently until coconut turns a pale golden colour, then add the marinated cauliflower (save the marinade) and cook gently until cauliflower just begins to change colour but is still crisp.

  • step 3

    Add the remaining marinade, turmeric and salt and cook with lid on, very gently until just tender.

  • step 4

    Sprinkle the coconut and fresh leaves on top and serve (fresh coriander is just as good too).