The Best Pumpkin Soup

The best pumpkin soup in the world……..

I have cooked and taught this around the world over 25 years and no-one after tasting it has disputed the title.

  • step 1

    Fry the leek gently in the ghee and ginger and cook gently for 5 minutes stirring constantly.

    Then add the dhal and stir for a minute.

    Add the water and bring to boil then simmer gently is dhal is soft and breaking down.

    Be careful as it begins to stick to the bottom of the saucepan at this stage.

  • step 2

    Cut pumpkin in half or quarters and baked, until flesh is soft. This can be done in advance. When cooled a little, scoop out the flesh (if the skin is tough) and save while the dhal cooks.

    Any pumpkin can be used. With thick skinned varieties it is a blessing not to have to peel it!


  • step 3

    When the mung has softened and begins to break down easily  (about 30-45 minutes), add the coconut milk or cream and whisk to smooth.

    Now add the roasted pumpkin flesh and whisk/puree again to your desired consistency. Add water as necessary. Some like it thick and other more thin.

  • step 4

    Now complete the soup but garnishing with some green leaves (coriander)  and a sprinkling of dry roasted pepitas. Then serving  with it  some lime wedges for the guest to squeeze over it…

    I promise you: this will impress any guest!