Apples – ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples spread from south west Asia to Europe. They were small crab apples and hoarded in caves in Stone Age times. with the beginning of agriculture¬† they were soon cultivated (now over 900 varieties). Of course they have featured in many legends from the Biblical Adam to the Norse tale of keeping the gods young . William Tell, Isaac Newton and Cezanne were all inspired by the apple. ‘Johnny Appleseed’ story¬† came from a John Chapman who traveled thru frontier wilderness of America planting apple seeds in the clearings and giving pages from the books of philosopher Swedenborg to those who could read. They may take 5-10 years to bear fruit but bear them for many many years.

They are cleansing and a digestive stimulant. Often used as part of a cleansing program, they are particularly good for the liver and gallbladder and help reduce cholesterol, Ama and detoxify heavy metal and radiation. Good for all but vata should not eat too many raw, but cooked they are a tonic. And with cinnamon they can balance sugar levels.

Stewed apples with butter and cinnamon (and a clove) make a wonderful light Ayurvedic dinner.

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