Beetroot – probably originating along the shores of the Mediterranean they were relatively unknown as as food before the Christian area.  Epicurians of Rome in the 3rd century were using them but then they disappeared from history until the 1400’s. In the early 1800’s a German scientist designed a commercial method to produce sugar from beets (yellow coloured ones). This expanded with Nepoleans blockade of Europe, halting sugarcane imports. in Europe today most sugar is from beets.

But medicinally they were known as a remedy for headache, toothaches and blocked noses. They are the most excellent tonic for the blood. For this they are best baked, and are delicious. They cleanse the liver and gallbladder and stimulate bile production. Useful in promoting menstruation and regulating menopause. Also often used as part of a seasonal detox regime.

See Famous Beetroot Curry to impress even the most ardent ‘carnivore’.


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