Carrots – the now humble carrot was deemed an aphrodisiac by the ancient Greeks. Originally used as a herb, through  cultivation became a vegetable and was popular only after the 13th century by which time it was all over Europe and were introduced to the America’s (they became a favourite of the Northern Indians).  Many varieties and colours are now available.

Known for the benefits for vision and the eyes, they also are good for deepening the breath/lungs (which is why they are fed to horses). They made it into Cake (carrot cake) because of their high sugar content. The greens (tops) are good for the nerves (phosphorous) so use them is salads and soups.

They are rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants, and are anti-carinogenic. Pacifying to vata and kapha and balanced for pitta. A little fresh juice is good for all but vata should not have too much.

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