spinach, baby

Spinach –  is a native of Persia, culitvated since the 4th century, traveled to China by the 5th, but it was the Moors and the returning Crusaders who brought it to Europe by the 11th century. During the Middle Ages it was known as The Spanish Vegetable’. It came to the New World in colonial times but it was ‘Popeye the Sailorman’ in the 1950+ who popularised  for its strength promoting qualities.

Cleansing and nutritious it balances pitta and kapha. Vata should have it with some butter or oil. None should take it in excess especially with kidney problems are present. It is wonderful  as a blood tonic and has anti carcinogenic qualities.

Its flavour and available nutrients are enhanced by nutmeg or garam masala or fennel seeds.

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