sweet potato (kumera)

Sweet Potato (Kumera) – they are not related to the potato, although both come from the New World of Central and South America. More than 1000 varieties exist. Cultivation in Europe began in the 16th century and in North America after that. Thier flesh may be white or yellow and the skin colour has a great range from white to light red to purple and many shade of brown. They are more nutritious than the white potato, having less water content and some protein and a high sugar level.  They are even used as a dessert ingredient in India (halva) and Japan, hence their name.

They are useful with inflammation and urinary problems and the red ones can be anti- carcinogenic.

TIP. They are beautiful just dry roasted in the oven, or dry grilled, as a side dish (or then included in a ‘One and Only Dish’).

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