Cabbage & Corn (with nutmeg)

  • step 1

    Heat ghee and add  the spices and gently fry until fragrant and browned slightly.

  • step 2

    Combine chopped or shredded cabbage and corn  kernals in the pot and toss to cover all well with spiced oil.

  • step 3

    Add the remaining spice powders (use chili powder for a hotter effect).

    Cover and cook on a low heat until cabbage is soft and translucent (ie. 5-7 minutes)

    Add a little water if needed but usually it is not.

    (note: look out for a ceramic ginger grater, japanese, as pictured. It is great (sic) for for nutmeg too)

  • step 4

    Garnish with fresh herbs (basil, coriander or parsley).