Green Beans and Pumpkin

To prepare:

Top and tail the beans, leaving them long. And peel, seed and then cut the pumpkin into cubes.

  • step 1

    Heat the ghee and ‘pop’ the mustard seeds (with the lid on) and then lower the heat a little and add the cumin seeds and fresh ginger.

  • step 2

    Add the pumpkin cubes quickly after the cumin seeds and brown them both a little. Then add the beans and toss well in the spicy ghee.


  • step 3

    Add enough water  (or whey from making paneer) to half cover the beans and add the salt and powdered spices and half cover. When the water is almost gone the beans should be tender (if not as a little more). Turn off the heat and allow to settle after all the excitement of cooking.

  • step 4

    Just before serving add the whole coriander leaves  and squeeze of lemon and stir thru.