Eggplant, Zucchini and Tomato

Prepare the eggplant (1 or 2) ahead of time by puncturing the skin with a fork to allow steam to escape and bake whole in a hot oven for up to an hour or more.  A knife should pass through  the flesh with no resistance at all when cooked.

Scoop the eggplant pulp from the halved skins when cooled a little and save.

(an alternative is to  steam it : begin by cutting the eggplant into cubes (10-15 ml) and steaming them for about 5 minutes until tender The mistake with eggplant is to under cook it and this solves that. Also eggplant can absorb a lot of oil and steaming first also fixes this.)


  • step 1

    Heat the ghee and  add mustard seeds and quickly put a lid on the saucepan. When they finish ‘popping’, add the cumin seeds and lower the heat and gently fry to darken them a few shades. Add the chilli flakes (or crushed black pepper for a more mild dish). If using leek ,add now and gently fry a little.


  • step 2


    Then add the zucchini and toss to cover with spiced ghee. When a little cooked  add the prepared  roasted eggplant pulp and stir through.

  • step 3

    First add the chopped tomato and soften a little. Then add spices and salt and stir thru. Cover and cook slowly until zucchini is just tender, adding water only if necessary.

  • step 4

    Garnish with chopped basil (or parsley) leaves and serve.