‘Any Fruit’ Chutney

You can use any very ripe fruits in season for a good chutney. eg plums, peaches, apples, mango or pineapple to name a few.  The technique is the same. Experiment with the spices too.

  • step 1

    Heat ghee, add cumin and chilli and gently fry until fragrant.

  • step 2

    Any ripe fruit of season, peeled(as appropraite) & cored, and chopped (about 2 cups).

    (or use any fragrant spices or a combination – cardamon, star anise, cloves)

    Add fruit, its juice, and cinnamon and other spices.

    Boil over moderate heat till soft and all liquid had gone.

  • step 3

    When pan is near dry of liquid and ghee staring to separate, add jaggery and raisins.

    Cook gently down to jam like texture (do not over cook or the sugar will become stiff and over caramelised).