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  • 5-10 minutes (plus a few hours in the Thermos)

The saviour of the working day lunch. Just a few minutes to prepare before going to work in the morning and it cooks slowly in the Thermos.

Stop work to enjoy it nourishing you. Don’t work though lunch!!!

  • step 1

    Heat Ghee, gently fry spice seeds and ‘hing’ for a minute until fragrant.

    Experiment with adding different spices and combinations….. (see variation for the seasons and dosha below).

  • step 2

    As always rinse the rice and mung well in several changes of water. Chop the vegetables to easily fit into the Thermos.

    Add the vegetable and then the rice and dhal to the spiced ghee and mix well.


  • step 3

    Add all, cover well with water and boil for 5 minutes only. Without wasting time, spoon into a 1 litre warmed thermos flask. Screw the lid on quickly and leave closed for about 4 hours.

    Your meal will now be freshly cooked.

    N.B. If cooking on stove, a slow simmer for up to one hour. Let sit before serving.

  • step 4

    At lunch, stir the salt thru and garnish with leaves, finishing with a squeeze of lime or a spoon of plain yoghurt……

    Variations for the Seasons and Dosha may be:

    Autumn/Winter (Vata): add fennel and sesame seeds to the cumin and finish witha spoon of yoghurt and parsley when serving.

    Summer (Pitta): add coriander powder, coconut threads, little jaggery (raw sugar) and some currents or raisins.

    Spring (Kapha): add mustard seeds, a little chilli and some sprouted mung or spinach leaves when serving.